Ordinary into Extraordinary

April 7, 2009 - June 13, 2009
Central Library, Youth Wing
Ordinary into Extraordinary

by Melanie Hope Greenberg

When a child grows up in an urban environment, simple everyday occurrences can become extraordinary when the child first discovers the wonder of them. The ordinary also becomes extraordinary when captured in art. Most of my books portray various views of urban life in a snapshot. There are ordinary moments, like a child watching a Brooklyn Heights dog walker in On My Street, and extraordinary moments, like a bird's eye view of early morning Brooklyn in A City Is or a local Coney Island performance art troupe in Mermaids on Parade.

When I was young, my world vision was shaped in part by looking at picture books, either at home or in school. I could visually identify objects before I knew how to read their names. With that memory in mind, I illustrate children's picture books so that the art conveys my story in a clear and detailed way. I relate my own environment to those who may never visit New York City. As much as children are literal thinkers, I respect their innate intuitive curiosity. My goal is to broaden children's vision and help them learn to read.

BPL Exhibition, Melanie Hope GreenbergMelanie Hope Greenberg has published hundreds of illustrations in magazines, film, greeting cards, posters, wrapping paper, t-shirts, stationery, magnets, stickers, puzzles and house wear. She has exhibited her work at Atlantic Avenue ArtWalk, Brooklyn Arts Council, Long Island Children's Museum, Mazza Museum of International Art from Picture Books, the Society of Illustrators Original Art Show, Superfine in DUMBO and the Washington Square Outdoor Art Exhibit.


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