Nature Up Close by Millie Falcaro, Gail Flanery and Christine Newman

June 7, 2012 - August 24, 2012
Central Library, Grand Lobby
A closer look at nature, mostly inspired by Brooklyn, through photograms, pastels on paper and monotypes.

Millie Falcaro
Plant life—in varying stages of bloom—are metaphors for the cycles of life. Life, death, rebirth, separation, loss, growth and decay are universal experiences that occur repeatedly throughout human experience. Internalizing these themes and the attendant psychological landscape has been the center of the work. I grew up in New York City where hot summer months would be punctuated by visits with cousins at their lake house. The sunny days were spent cooling off in the water, lazing around on a raft and surveying the lake’s perimeter, collecting tad poles, looking for water snakes and observing dragonflies’ flight patterns as they skimmed across the water. My interest in nature continues as I observe and collect specimens of the natural world within the confines of an urban setting. These childhood memories are revisited in my work in combination with the photogram process.

BPL exhibition, Millie Falcaro, headshotMillie Falcaro is an associate professor of art at Marymount Manhattan College and received her Master of Fine Arts degree from Hartford University. Falcaro has had solo exhibitions in New York City and Italy, as well as group exhibitions throughout the Tri-State area.

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Gail Flanery
I believe all art forms are found in nature. My artwork is inherently suggestive of landscape, although the geography is not specific. The subjects are still drawn from nature but consider a closer look. I draw birds, insects, flowers and vines. It is a recognizable image, but still a form within form.

BPL exhibition, Gail Flanery, headshotGail Flanery graduated from Cooper Union in New York City and has shown her work throughout the city at Prume Gallery, 440 Gallery and Kentler International Drawing Space, among others.

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Christine Newman
The natural world has always inspired me. I work from images culled for their dramatic potential, whether animal, vegetable or mineral. In my latest series, botanical forms initiate explorations of color and line through the medium of pastels on paper. Though I aim to impart a sense of bold verisimilitude, I revel in the happy accidents of borderline abstraction that can occur when an image is brought into close focus.

BPL exhibition, Christine Newman, headshotChristine Newman received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Ohio Wesleyan University and her Masters of Fine Arts degree in painting from Hunter College in New York City. She’s worked as an art teacher in New York City and had exhibitions in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Oneonta and Connecticut. Newman’s work is also featured in issue 14 of Appearances.

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