My Brooklyn: 2006 Winners

June 27, 2006 - August 13, 2006
Central Library, Grand Lobby
My Brooklyn

Fifth Annual Photo + Essay Exhibition

Sponsored by Brooklyn Public Library & Con Edison

Brooklyn Public Library presents winning photographs and essays from the fifth annual My Brooklyn contest that invites Brooklynites and non-Brooklynites alike to express the impact Brooklyn has on their lives.

My Brooklyn captures the ever-evolving spirit of the borough, and reflects the powerful experiences and memories that people have when they think of Brooklyn.

The exhibition is composed of essays and photographs from three different age categories including Juvenile (ages 12 and under), Young Adult (ages 13-19) and Adult, as well as the category for Best Photographs. The photographs are of Brooklyn's past and present in both black and white and color. Winners were chosen based on originality and the ability to capture the spirit of Brooklyn.

The Winning Essays

Juvenile Division (12 and under)

  • Jocelyn Morales, 1st Place
  • Laurel E. Battey, 2nd Place
  • Kaity Lopez, Finalist
  • Kevin Huang, Finalist
  • Nicolas De La Torre, Finalist
  • Noa Street-Sachs, Finalist

Young Adult Division (13-19)

  • Luis José Pabon, 1st Place
  • Tajreen Hedayet, 2nd Place
  • Andrew Moshman, Finalist
  • Harlan Downs-Tepper, Finalist
  • Chris Winikor, Finalist

Adult Division

  • Anne Winchell Silver, 1st Place
  • Hilary Salk, 2nd Place
  • Jeff Heilman, Finalist
  • Nathan Kensinger, Finalist
  • Bonnie Maloney, Finalist
  • Beth Harpaz, Finalist

The Winning Photographs

Best Photographs

  • Bryan Engelmann (Young Adult) , 1st Place
  • Kelly Hsiao (Adult), 2nd Place
  • Richard Bennett (Juvenile), Finalist
  • Nehru Kelevh (Adult), Finalist
  • Daniel Shaw (Adult), Finalist
  • Matt Sundstrom (Adult), Finalist

My Brooklyn is made possible through generous support from Con Edison of New York.