Language - Communication

March 28, 2006 - May 14, 2006
Central Library, 2nd floor Balcony Cases
Language - Communication by Evelyn Eller

Experimenting with the book format was a natural outcome of my work in paper collage. In my books I use traditional structures as well as sculptural and innovative forms. Handmade, oriental and painted papers, book cloth, string, boards and glue are my materials. These materials are fragile yet durable.

My pieces incorporate language, maps, my drawings of people of different ethnicities, as well as other forms of communication, such as music, sign language, mathematics, hieroglyphics and Braille. I utilize fragments of script from many languages to show the interrelatedness of different cultures and their commonality. In many of my books I manipulate the text in a purely visual form. In other works, the content of the language is important. The maps, people and text depicted in my art represent my hope that we can live together in peace and harmony.

BPL Exhibition, Evelyn EllerEvelyn Eller has worked as a painter and a printmaker, but her primary medium is paper collage and artists books. She has exhibited widely, nationally and internationally, at the Whitney Museum, the Queens and Brooklyn Museums, The Smithsonian, The National Jewish Museum, The Corcoran Gallery, and in Mexico, Hungary, Switzerland, Italy, India and Germany, and at other exhibition spaces. She is represented in numerous public and corporate collections in the United States and abroad.

Photo Credit
Evelyn Eller © Paul Rosenbaum