Kaza Kites

April 1, 2004 - May 30, 2004
Central Library, Grand Lobby
Kaza Kites: Exhibition by Ras Kaziah

"Kiting to me is an unspeakable joy, second to nothing else," says kite master Ras Kaziah, whose colorful, high-flying creations will be on display in the Central Library's Grand Lobby April 1st through May 30th.

See a list of kites appearing in this exhibition.

The Artist

Ras Kaziah's earliest memories are of flying the leaves of cocoa trees in his native Jamaica. As a child, he made a name for himself as a kite builder in East Kingston, where older children and adults commissioned him to make bamboo and paper bajies in original forms and dazzling patterns. Many years later, Kaziah (now a Brooklynite) continues to push the creative and technical edges of his craft, with meticulously constructed kites made from natural and synthetic materials. His kites range in size from miniatures (less than an inch in length) to Edo Dakos, the giant decorative kites made famous in Japan.

Mr. Kaziah is a member of several kite clubs, including The American Kiters Association (AKA). He is a founding member of The West Indian American Kiters Association (WIAKA) and he leads many workshops and seminars in schools and community organizations.

Dont miss this opportunity to see Ras Kaziah's remarkable handmade kites with their distinctive Caribbean flair!