April 22, 2008 - June 14, 2008
Central Library, 2nd floor Balcony Cases
it-t=i by Harold Wortsman & Peter Wortsman

This artists' book is a collaboration between brothers, a dialogue between word and image. Ten texts explore the "personality" of the inanimate and the "it-ness" of each "I." Ten etchings, created in response to the texts, explore the same themes in visual terms of color, texture and form.

The text was composed over a two-year period that coincidentally ended with the events of September 11, to which it alludes. Peter, who is trilingual, wrote it using his "psychic slipmold method," first drafting in French or German and then adapting into English. The etchings, created by Harold, were produced through a fairly unusual hand-tooled aluminum intaglio technique. Using stone, chisel, knife and traditional etching tools, he gouged out chunks of the aluminum plate like a sculpture. The plates were then printed and proofed on a normal etching press. The book is unbound and sits in a brushed stainless steel box wrapped in linen burlap.

BPL Exhibition, Harold WortsmanHarold Wortsman is a printmaker and sculptor. He has exhibited in such venues as Goloborotko's Studio in DUMBO, Kentler International Drawing Space in Red Hook, Matzo Files Gallery in Manhattan and Galerie Zimmermannhaus in Switzerland. His work is in numerous collections including the Library of Congress, Yale University, the New York Public Library, the Lily Library at Indiana University, Brandeis University, Smith College and the Zimmerli Collection at Rutgers University. He studied sculpture at Brandeis University and continued his studies at the New York Studio School of Drawing, Painting and Sculpture.

Photograph of Harold Wortsman © Kathy Caraccio

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BPL Exhibition, Peter WortsmanPeter Wortsman is a short story writer, poet, playwright and translator. He is a recipient of the Beard's Fund Short Story Award and fellowships from the Fulbright and Thomas J. Watson Foundations. His work includes fiction (A Modern Way to Die), stage plays (The Tattooed Man Tells All and Burning Words) and numerous translations from German (notably Posthumous Papers of a Living Author by Robert Musil). His interviews with Holocaust survivors (Peter Wortsman Oral History Collection) can be found at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C.

Photograph of Peter Wortsman © Jean-Luc Fievet

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