The Folding Library

April 22, 2008 - June 14, 2008
Central Library, Lobby Gallery
The Folding Library by Lishan Chang

This installation utilizes artist books that I've created since 1999. The content of each is associated with my installations, performances, aesthetic concepts and project plans in the form of drawings, sketches, Chinese calligraphy and stamps on a specific manmade folding book.

I tend to view each of my projects as a Zen Buddhist "koan". Each entails it own set of questions that I, as its creator, had to ask. The answers are unique and sometimes paradoxical, often surprising both myself and the viewers of the work. In other words, either you get the point of my artwork or you don't. If the latter is true, spend a moment or two in its presence, think about it, and maybe you'll get the point soon.

My artist book are created with pencil, ink and watercolor.

BPL Exhibition, Lishan ChangLishan Chang, born and raised in Taiwan, moved to New York in 1997. This year, he won a Freeman Fellowship, and in 2007 he won a fellowship from the Council of Cultural Affairs in Taiwan and a Franconia Sculpture Park/Jerome Fellowship. His works has been shown in the Queens Museum of Art, Socrates Sculpture Park in Queens, Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts in Taiwan, Franconia Sculpture Park in Minnesota, Washington Pavilion of Arts and Science in South Dakota, Gallery Korea in Manhattan and the Queens Library Gallery. He has been artist in residence at the Workspace Program of LMCC in Manhattan, SUMU/Titanik in Finland, the International Studio & Curatorial Program in Manhattan and the Vermont Studio Center.

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