Exhibition : Lost Spaces, Found Gardens

January 27, 2009 - April 30, 2009

Williamsburgh Library, Art Gallery, Lower Level (branch info)

Lost Spaces, Found Gardens

Photographs by Paul Raphaelson

These photographs were inspired by my immediate surroundings in Brooklyn and Manhattan (from 2005-ongoing); particularly by overgrown spaces that lurk almost everywhere, but that have dropped off the map of collective consciousness. I'm drawn to the surprises that I find here, to the almost subversive thriving of natural life and unusual form.

Paradise is the Persian word for a walled enclosure. As often as not, in the city the walls are cyclone fences crowned with razor wire. Whatever they lack in charm they make up by providing a framed view from the outside. I find solace in the spontaneous gardens behind the fences. Also, I'm inspired by all the wild things invading them, by the relief they bring from the city's antiseptic geometry and sheen.

Paul Raphaelson is a Brooklyn based artist who photographs the urban and cultural landscape. When not photographing, Paul divides his time between mercenary work at ad agencies, cooking, and rock climbing.