To Every Thing There Is a Season

October 4, 2005 - November 27, 2005
Central Library, Grand Lobby
To Every Thing There Is a Season

by Leo & Diane Dillon

Our challenge as illustrators is to decide how best to graphically portray words and attract the viewer. We don't illustrate words literally. It is our job to expand on the words-to illustrate between the lines. Once we read a manuscript we throw ideas back and forth and wait for that one idea we both get excited about. Then we proceed with the pencil drawing. When this is approved by the publisher we decide what media to use to create the finished art. To illustrate a book jacket we must sum up the manuscript in one image. For a picture book we have many pages to build details of that world.

Working together over time our vision and style has blended into what we call "The Third Artist," one who creates something unique and different from what either of us would do separately. The combination of our minds and skills allows for more choices. Technique, style and the various media we use have given us a larger "vocabulary" to express our ideas. While we don't specialize in one technique or style, something recognizable still comes through. With each new assignment we are always discovering and learning. It has been a fascinating experience.

- Leo and Diane Dillon


BPL Exhibition, Leo & Diane DillonLeo and Diane Dillon are considered two of the most talented and versatile illustrators in the United States. They have been collaborating and creating award-winning art for many years and have illustrated more than 40 books together. Their artistry has twice been awarded the Caldecott Medal and the Hamilton King Award, as well as a Coretta Scott King Award. The Dillons live in Brooklyn and have one son, Lee, who is a talented painter, sculptor and jewelry craftsman.

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