Elegies / Faces

June 28, 2011 - September 18, 2011
Central Library, Foyer Gallery Cases

by Mark Brennan

This body of work consists of allegorical "portraits" of people buried in Green-Wood Cemetery. Beneath every stone lie the remains of a real human being who once walked the same ground and breathed the same air that you and I do today.

Each piece in this exhibition is meticulously copied by hand from decayed leaves and twigs found on the ground either here in Brooklyn or on Cape Cod. This work is influenced by the "literati" artists of ancient China who often used landscape as a vehicle for conveying thoughts or feelings about human life and its relationship to the cosmos.

All profits derived from the sale of my work are donated to charities dedicated to the conservation of the natural environment.

Mark BrennanMark Brennan is an artist and teacher of drawing and painting at MS 113 in Fort Greene. He has recently exhibited his work in many venues, including Kendall Art Gallery in Massachusetts, Open Source Gallery in Brooklyn and Riverbank Lofts Gallery in Chicago. He earned a B.A. in art history from Columbia University.

To contact Mark Brennan:
marketienne@comcast.net | www.emilydickinsonart.com

BPL - Exhibition, Mark Brennan, Elegies: Jacques Cortelyou
Jacques Cortelyou
© Mark Brennan

BPL - Exhibition, Mark Brennan, Elegies: Asher Brown Durand
Asher Brown Durand
© Mark Brennan

BPL - Exhibition, Mark Brennan, Elegies: Sarah S. Cook
Sarah S. Cook
© Mark Brennan


by Carlos Augusto

I captured these abstracts, which are images on urban surfaces, between 2001 and 2006. They are not photos of intentionally manipulated surfaces; rather, they are subtle portraits created by nature, time, traffic and degeneration. The canvases for these portraits are as commonplace as streets, traffic divider lines, city sidewalks, walls or trees. None of these images have been altered in any form.

The viewer is challenged to look beyond the obvious cracks and decay to see these portraits as truly unique, if only for the manner in which they were created. They are mostly profiles that are as unique as the dwellers of this city, many of whom unknowingly contributed to the creation of some of these images.

I spotted about 85% of my pareidolia (the term for the psychological phenomenon of seeing images, like faces, in unexpected places) while riding my bicycle.

Carlos AugustoCarlos Augusto has been a photographer since high school. His work was selected to be in the Brooklyn Museum's photography division and was reviewed by the San Francisco Chronicle in an article called "The Many Faces of a New York Street Artist." He was awarded top placing by the Photographic Federation of Long Island and has participated in the Brooklyn Camera Club's events and competitions.

To contact Carlos Augusto:
faces4u@gmail.com | www.augusto.us

BPL - Exhibition, Carlos Augusto - Faces: Thankful
©Carlos Augusto

BPL - Exhibition, Carlos Augusto, Faces: Carlos Lenis
Carlos Lenis
©Carlos Augusto