A Drum Beats in Brooklyn: The Annex

February 13, 2007 - June 16, 2007
Central Library, Youth Wing
A Drum Beats in Brooklyn: The Annex by the She Shootin' Photography Collective

The connection between Brooklyn and other points in the African Diaspora is visceral, visual and auditory. Nowhere is this more evident than in the African influenced and drum-based traditions that carry the spirit of the Diaspora to Brooklyn. From the Djembe to the Dumbek, the drum forms the foundation of the effort to communicate traditions of craftsmanship and musicianship, through participatory celebrations that connect land to land, tradition to tradition and spirit to spirit, with the drum as the conjoiner.

This exhibition offers a panoramic view of traditional gatherings, such as J'ouvert, Drummer's Grove and Tribute to the Ancestors of the Middle Passage, and shows how each one is uniquely Brooklyn. The She Shootin' Photography Collective documents these celebrations that bring spectator and performer together, highlighting the timeless magic of the drum, with photographs that offer extraordinary references to drum culture.

A Drum Beats in Brooklyn: The Annex is part of a larger exhibition on view at the Brooklyn Historical Society.

BPL Exhibition, The She Shootin' Photography CollectiveThe She Shootin' Photography Collective consists of five emerging photographers: Laylah Amatullah Barrayn, Delphine Fawundu-Buford, Kerika Fields, Ava Griffiths and Nsenga Knight. Individually, the artists have shown their works in venues such as the Brooklyn Museum of Art, the International Center of Photography, The African American Museum (Philadelphia), the Museum of Contemporary Art DC and in New York galleries such as Latin Collector and Art Gotham. In addition, several of them have had their photographs published in magazines such as Essence, Vibe and Rolling Stone.

Group photo © Skye West.

To contact the artists: http://sheshootin.blogspot.com