Dreams and Dialogues: Artist Books, Assemblages, and Other Work, curated by Susan Newmark Fleminger

June 13, 2013 - September 14, 2013
Central Library, Foyer Gallery Cases

Dreams & Dialogues: Artists Books, Assemblages & Other Work

An Exhibition by the Collage/Mixed Media Workshop at the YMCA Park Slope Armory

Amy Adams • Eileen Blank • Della Cohen • Helene Ebenstein • Bill Miller • Lynn Rakos • Bob Rothstein • Carole Turbin • Marlene Weisman • Ronnie Wolff

Curator and Instructor: Susan Newmark Fleminger

Over the last four years, these ten artists in Dreams and Dialogues have come together in a weekly class led by Susan Fleminger to explore the art of collage, montage and assemblage and its many approaches to materials, techniques and formats, along with its imaginative challenges and possibilities for personal expression. The group’s diverse education and life experiences have greatly enriched their individual visual sensibilities and their approaches to projects, themes and materials.  These artists books, assemblages, and collages become provocative containers and surfaces for exploring childhood memories, recurrent dreams and nightmares, significant places, vocational successes, fictional narratives, and interpretations of poetry, color and form.

Top row (from left): Ronnie Wolff, Amy Adams, Susan Fleminger, Bill Miller, Bob Rothstein.  Middle row: Della Cohen, Helene Ebenstein, Eileen Blank.  Bottom row (seated): Carole Turbin, Marlene Weisman, Lynn Rakos.

Susan Newmark Fleminger is an artist, art educator and curator whose work has been in exhibitions at the Brooklyn Museum, the Parrish Museum, the Center for Book Arts and the Rotunda Gallery. She was the curator for Rare Editions: The Book as Art at Lehman College Art Gallery, and the Deputy Director of Visual Arts and Art Education at Abrons Arts Center
Henry Street Settlement. She will have a solo exhibition of her collages this fall at the Figureworks Gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

E-mail: snewmark.fleminger@gmail.com
Website: susannewmark.com

Amy Adams is a retired teacher and computer programmer who now spends her time on various multi media pursuits. “The Missed Train Dream represents how I am always searching but never quite finding the answer to the existential; art helps to place the question in a context that I can grasp.”
E-mail: aimskeelou@aol.com

Eileen Blank is a science education consultant with a master’s degree in early childhood and elementary education and another in social work. “I am lucky to have had such an amazingly positive environment as my first structured experience in creating visual art.”
E-mail: eileenblank@gmail.com

Della Cohen was an editor and writer in educational publishing, and has worked with collage and mixed media materials for years. “Creativity is unpredictable; sometimes it bursts forth like fireworks; other times it painstakingly ekes out from the recesses of the brain.”
E-mail: dcohen55@nyc.rr.com

Helene Ebenstein is a social worker for the frail and elderly and their families. “My dream box depicts two crazy recurring dreams on steroids—I just went wild. The artists books are meant to both tell stories and work as moveable and always-changing sculptures.”
E-mail: hebenstein@nyc.rr.com

Wilbur Miller is a history professor at Stony Brook University/SUNY. “The Office is an attempt to capture the essence of my office at Stony Brook where I have nested for over 30 years.”
E-mail: wilbur.miller@stonybrook.edu

Lynn Rakos is a professional archaeologist who works in the New York metropolitan region for the federal government. “I am influenced by nature and landscapes and like the way a collage builds images through layers, echoing the way archaeologists use layers of soil to interpret a site.”
E-mail: lrakos@hotmail.com

Bob Rothstein has a master’s degree in biology from New York University, is self-employed as a painting contractor and also studies at the Arts Students League where he works with collage. “My artistic life is a journey of understanding my constantly changing visions and personal weaknesses.
E-mail: bob.rothstein@gmail.com

Carole Turbin has a master’s degree in art from UC Berkeley, a PhD in sociology from the New School and previously taught in academia. Her goal as an artist, “is to encourage observers to look more closely at ordinary objects and scenes, especially iconic images, whose meanings and history are often unnoticed.”
E-mail: c.turbin@earthlink.net
Website: caroleturbin.com

Marlene Weisman is a graphic designer and an artist who uses a wide array of sources and materials. “The group dynamic of this collage class has provided me with an experimental and a truly supportive environment to let loose and really delve into expanding technique and solidifying meaning in the art I produce.”
E-mail: marlenemail@nyc.rr.com
Website: marleneweisman.com

Ronnie Wolff currently counsels teens in a New York City high school and, as a social worker, ran programs for young children and children with disabilities.  She is also a potter. “From an early age I was encouraged to look at the world through an artist’s lens and encouraged to create art.”
E-mail: rrw913@aol.com

For further information regarding collage/mixed media workshops at the YMCA Park Slope Armory, Brooklyn, please contact Susan Newmark Fleminger at sfnarts@aol.com.

Special thanks to Sandy Phillips, Program Director
YMCA of Greater New York-Prospect Park/Park Slope Armory
212-912-2591 | cphillips@ymcanyc.org 

Website: www.ymcanyc.org

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