Diversity of Devotion

January 15, 2008 - April 19, 2008
Central Library, Grand Lobby
Diversity of Devotion: Celebrating New York's Spirtual Harmony
curated by Jenny Jozwiak

This is a community-based photo documentary project encompassing the five boroughs of New York City. It was conceived as a response to global religious tensions which intensified in the wake of 9/11. Professional and amateur photographers from around the world volunteered to explore New York City's richly variegated spiritual life and discover how diversity in belief and practice enriches our own individual experience. The work in this exhibition is from 36 photographers.

Our project aims to remind us all how fortunate we are to live in a city where myriad beliefs coexist in peace and tolerance; we can connect to others and share comfort, sadness, hope and joy as we walk our unique spiritual paths.

The exhibited work is photography, shot either digitally or with film.

Participating Photographers

  • Myriam Abdelaziz
  • Mark Aranha
  • Nick Atlas
  • Kim Badawi
  • Betsy Bell
  • Jude Diallo
  • Joanna Ebenstein
  • Melanie Einzig
  • Felipe Garcia
  • Leslie Granda-Hill
  • Gavin Guerra
  • Tania Guinsberg
  • Marcia Halperin
  • Maria Fernanda Hubeaut
  • Noel Jefferson
  • Jenny Jozwiak
  • Kitty Katz
  • Stephanie Keith
  • Simon Koo
  • Jack Lasky
  • Scott Lewis
  • Soon Chung Lim
  • Mary Ann Lynch
  • Mark Manley
  • Tammy Meadows
  • Omar Mullick
  • JuAnne Ng
  • Jacqueline Patten van Sertima
  • Katharine Quevedo
  • Nura Qureshi
  • Courtenay Redis
  • Nadia Sablin
  • Kathy Shorr
  • Mindy Stricke
  • Chris Vilardi
  • Julian Voloj

BPL Exhibition, Jenny JozwiakJenny Jozwiak is an award-winning travel and culture photographer whose work has taken her to 37 countries. Her work has been collected, published and exhibited widely. In 2005, a selection of her photographs was on display in the United Nations as part of an annual exhibition on indigenous peoples. She will be one of the featured photographers in the upcoming hardcover book 100 New York Photographers, published by Schiffer Publications. Jozwiak studied photojournalism at City College of New York.

To contact the curator: jennyjoz@yahoo.com
URL: http://www.jennyjozwiak.com/ and http://www.diversityofdevotion.org/

I wish to thank the following individuals, companies and organizations for their assistance and support during the various stages of this project: Positive Focus, Inc., Don Burmeister (Director, Safe-T-Gallery), Katharine Quevedo of Blackbird and Stone Design, FramArt New York (www.framartltd.com, 718.381.0300), Jim Tuite, Adorama NYC, Steve Rutt, Ito-En Teas, The Green Grape, Jewish Week and Courier Life Publications, The Jazz for Peace Organization, Brooklyn Public Library

Our jurors: Alison Nordstrom, Molly Roberts, Eli Reed, Tewfic El-Sawy and Russell Joslin

Our volunteers: Lauren Slusher, Joanna Tam, Debbie Melnick and Susan Liebold

Our sponsors and supporters: Janis Gerton and the Arts and Letters Foundation, Rebe Eisenstein, Robert Levin, Russell Mehlman, Dorian DeMichele, Rocky C., Gerald Meyer and Louie, Jean Miele, Gheri Arnold and Gerard Barbot

Our translators: Pearl Chin, Sasha Gray, Ewa Zender, Maria Politarhos, the folks at the Arab American Family Support Center, Joceylen Eges, Katharine Quevedo and Etienne Frossard

Our subjects: All the individuals and organizations who allowed us to enter their places of worship in our efforts to capture on film the essence of faith

Last, but not least, the many talented contributing photographers whose brilliant energy and creative vision helped make this unique project a wonderful success!