Dear Home by Jung Eun Park

October 1, 2015 - January 24, 2016
Central Library, Foyer Gallery Cases
Jung Eun Park’s exhibition focuses on her obsession with home and the relationship with her family since Park moved to New York from Korea. The artist’s drawings (paper, pencil, and thread) and letters embroidered in yarn are a record of her intimate life, but also imply the psychological narratives of human beings living in a new environment.

My art is influenced by my personal experiences, including my relationship with family, my everyday life and with ordinary objects. I observe and capture a moment and draw it on paper with objects from my environment. When I moved to Los Angeles, the landscape was full of succulents and in response I started drawing grass. The main drawing marks in “Missing Home 2” are blades of grass. Most of my work is drawing and sewing on Korean paper dyed with coffee or tea. Drawings get joined together with mixed media, such as threads, fabrics and paper collage.

In this exhibition, embroidered letter works from “Silence is Waiting” appear alongside house drawings from “Missing Home”. The letter works were started in Brooklyn, where I had difficulty communicating long-distance with my mother. I created the house drawings on display in LA after moving from NY, in reaction to the new landscape and environment. These house drawings are part of the “Missing Home” series that I began in 2009 in Brooklyn as a search for my personal meaning of “home”.

Jung Eun Park is a Korean artist based in New York. She earned her MFA in painting from Pratt Institute, and has been featured in the Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Freehand and Formagramma: Design & Visual Arts. Previous exhibitions have taken place in Vermont, New York, California and Maryland, as well as her hometown in Seoul, Korea.







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