Dance, Nana, Dance / Baila, Nana, Baila

June 8, 2010 - September 10, 2010
Central Library, Youth Wing
illustrations by Mauricio Trenard

This exhibition of paintings features illustrations I did for an award-winning bilingual book of Cuban folktales entitled Dance, Nana, Dance/Baila, Nana, Baila, written by nationally acclaimed folklorist Joe Hayes.

As an immigrant, art is my indispensable tool for exploring the aspects of reality that interest me, and, at the same time, for exploring myself and my role as a new member of this country's culture and society. Art-making gives me the opportunity to reflect, understand, explore, change, alter, simplify or even exaggerate certain facets of reality that I experience. Through painting, I find freedom to change anything without any obligation to cultural patterns or stereotypes of beauty. Each finished piece is not an end in itself, but a history of the process of creation, observation and learning.

I was raised to believe in the power of art to educate and transform the individual and society. My goal is to use my work to exaggerate, simplify or change how we see our current realities so that we can make the world a better place.

Mauricio TrenardMauricio Trenard is a lead artist for the Groundswell Community Mural Project in Brooklyn. His public artworks include projects for NYC Percent for Art, Lutheran Medical Center and Fifth Avenue Committee. He has exhibited his work in Manhattan at Exit Art, Artists Space and Jadite Galleries; in Brooklyn at Tabla Rasa; and at international venues. He earned a B.A. in art history from the Universidad de Oriente in Santiago de Cuba.

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BPL - Exhibition, Mauricio Trenard - Dance, Nana, Dance/ Baila, Nana, Baila: Cantamos Asi
Cantamos Asi
© Mauricio Trenard
courtesy of Cinco Puntos Press

BPL - Exhibition, Mauricio Trenard, Dance, Nana, Dance/ Baile, Nana, Baile: Mata de Higo
Mata de Higo
© Mauricio Trenard
courtesy of Cinco Puntos Press

BPL - Exhibition: Mauricio Trenard, Dance, Nana, Dance/ Baila, Nana, Baila - Zapatero
© Mauricio Trenard
courtesy of Cinco Puntos Press