Crossing Continents: A Journey through Asia and Africa in Quilts by Susan Sato & Myrah Brown Green

February 23, 2012 - April 28, 2012
Central Library, 2nd floor Balcony Cases
Contemporary quilts that are inspired by
traditional techniques indigenous to these

From Susan Sato:
This exhibition combines my Japanese heritage with traditional quilting techniques. Most of my quilts’ designs incorporate sashiko (Japanese hand-quilting) and/or shibori (Japanese dyeing techniques) with symbols. The Hollyhock is my family kamon (crest) and can be found in most of my quilts. Indigo, cotton and silk fabrics—along with freshwater pearls, beads and buttons—add another texture to the quilts.

Look carefully at the Hollyhock Flag Story. It’s my rendition of a Japanese American flag. My kamon takes the place of the Japanese red circle, and stripes were added from the American flag. All the red fabric has been dyed by hand in the shibori style. Sashiko is used for the quilting patterns. Photographs of my Scottish grandmother and my Japanese grandfather, along with myself, are printed on organza fabric. Hollyhock is in a vertical format because it reminds me of a scroll and is read from right to left, similar to Japanese books. I hand-dyed the indigo binding to tie in with the blue handwriting.Scientists study the remnants of exploding stars, or supernovae, to find clues about our current circumstances in the universe. They have found that new stars are actually made from the gas and dust of old stars. I am similarly interested in retracing a past explosive event and using its remains as a starting point in my paintings.

BPL Exhibitions, Susan Sato, headshot; Crossing Continents: A Journey through Asia and AfricaSusan Sato is the creator and owner of Easy Piecing pre-cut fabrics for quilters, as well as a quilting teacher. She recently exhibited her quilts at the City College of New York’s first annual Cultural Arts Award Ceremony, which honored renowned quilt maker Faith Ringgold, and in a traveling show with the NYC MOD Quilt Guild at the Original Sewing & Quilt Expo. Her work has also been featured in Quilts around the World by Spike Gillespie and Pieced Symbols: Quilt Blocks from the Global Village by Myrah Brown Green.

Headshot photo © Randy Duchaine

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From Myrah Brown Green:
Quilt making takes me through a wonderfully breathtaking rite of passage. The experience is so beautiful - I continue to overflow with ideas, patterns, symbols and colorful visions that can be shared with family, friends and the world.

My indigenous ancestors stay with me the whole time that I work. It is as if they are continuously reminding me of the responsibilities that I have to those who came before and those yet to come. I view myself as an instrument who continues the cycle of traditional art through wall covers, quilts and wearable art.

BPL Exhibitions, Myrah Brown Green, photo by Randy DuchaineMyrah Brown Green is the executive director of art and culture in the Office of Government and Community Affairs at the City College of New York, having previously served there as a lecturer of art and arts advisor. She has led arts workshops and lectures and exhibited her quilts at a wide range of prestigious universities, museums and other venues. She has been published in numerous magazines, newspapers and quilting organization newsletters, in addition to her 2009 book Pieced Symbols: Quilt Blocks from the Global Village. She is the recipient of the 2011 African Spirit Award from Medgar Evers College. She earned a doctorate in interdisciplinary studies with a focus in art history from the Union Institute and University.

Headshot photo © Randy Duchaine

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Saturday, March 3, 2012 - Quilt Walk
Central Library, Grand Lobby, 1-3 PM

Join us for a Quilt Walk, led by several participating quilters from the exhibition, Botanical Inspirations, by the Quilters' Guild of Brooklyn. The concept of the quilt challenge, a universal process in the current world of quilting, will be explored.  The eclectic nature of these quilts and the various materials and techniques used will also be discussed and questions will be answered.

Susan Sato and Myrah Brown Green will also be available to talk about their exhibition, Crossing Continents: A Journey through Asia and Africa in Quilts, featured in the Second Floor Balcony Cases.

BPL - Susan Sato, Crossing Continents: A Journey through Asia and Africa in Quilts, Japanese Circle
Japanese Circle
©Susan Sato

BPL - Exhibition, Susan Sato, Crossing Continents: A Journey through Asia and Africa in Quilts, Asian Morning
Asian Morning
©Susan Sato


BPL - Exhibition, Myra Brown Green,  Crossing Continents: A Journey through Asia and Africa in Quilts, Turtle Island
Turtle Island
©Myrah Brown Green

BPL - Exhibition, Myrah Brown Creen,  Crossing Continents: A Journey through Asia and Africa in Quilts, Requiem for Dada Luka
Requiem for Dada Luka
©Myrah Brown Green