Crossing Brooklyn: " Brooklyn Container"

May 1, 2003 - June 28, 2003
Central Library, 2nd floor Balcony Cases
John Beech

"Brooklyn Container," curated by Marian Griffiths, is the third in a series of installations by innovative Brooklyn artists entitled Crossing Brooklyn. In "Brooklyn Container," Beech finds art in everyday domestic and commercial objects such as the common Dumpster, and combines and presents these objects in unexpected ways. Beech is interested in "the ‘object’ quality of things…what a work of art is when it’s not on display." He gives life to his art and compels the viewer to look at objects in a different way.

In Beech’s art, viewers encounter the unexpected and their preconceived notions are challenged. Beech manages to give a dynamic and interesting slant to objects normally seen as static. For example, he adds wheels to a shallow box in places that are illogical or he projects a painting eight feet from a wall. Beech allows his artwork to evolve even in the process of creation. He believes that letting go of expectations can often lead to something much more interesting than the original concept, both for the artist and for the viewer of the art.

Beech served as an artist in residence at the Chinati Foundation in Marfa, Texas, and mounted several installations in New York including at the Stark and Miles Bellamy Galleries. He has also shown at galleries in Texas, Canada and Europe. Beech considers himself a "reductionist," and his interest in this art-form stems partly from his travels to Morocco and India. In these countries, many materials are recycled for different uses or out of necessity, and Beech found that "a lot of the world is like that." Unlike other "reductionists" whose art is polished and detached, Beech believes that it is important that his art be "imbedded in the world rather than separate" from it.

This exhibition is curated by Marian Griffiths and organized by Smack Mellon.