Constellations by Miranda Maher

August 16, 2005 - October 2, 2005
Central Library, Lobby Gallery
Constellations by Miranda Maher

The sidewalks of Brooklyn are very different from the ones I drew on as a child-more grime and almost always covered with innumerable spots of gum and other crud. In stark contrast to this-in direction and in feeling-are the star constellations. These points of million-year-old light are dreamy and untouchable, completely removed from ordinary (grubby) life. I created three series using 12 photographs of sidewalk drawings which were digitized, printed on fine paper and then drawn over to construct an epistemology of the child-intensely optimistic and playful, disregarding the hierarchies of adulthood, while maintaining an inner logic and clarity.

My personal interest in "knowing" is not coolly philosophical; it grows out of my anxious alienation from traditional, "universal" ways of thinking. I have never felt comfortable with the demands of Cartesian objectivity and intellectual distance. Instead, I am absorbed by the ambivalence knowing sparks as an object of desire-hinting at, yet never conferring, the ideal state we long for, that state being, one in which our lack is cured. This desire to know, and the conflicted states it causes in me and in others, is central to my work. My projects and series draw on the workings of intellectual investigation.
-Miranda Maher

Miranda Maher often experiments with different media and presentation methods, but usually makes installations, works on paper and artists books. She has exhibited extensively in the U.S. and abroad over the past 15 years, and her work appears in numerous art collections. She has published artists books through her imprint Horse in a Storm Press. A resident of Brooklyn, she has lived and worked here as an artist since 1991.

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