Chess & Chesstizing

November 28, 2006 - February 11, 2007
Central Library, Youth Wing
Chesstizing by Daniel Blake

I've created original hard-carved chess pieces, each of which replicates an important person who has played a key role in African-American and African history. The pieces are used in my game called Chesstizing. This game helps educate young people and each piece can help inspire them to be and do whatever they want in life. Chesstizing is played the same way that the traditional game of chess is played. However, players must study the history of the chess pieces on game cards and say the history of a piece that they want to move or take. When a player gives the correct answer, they have been chesstized.

BPL Exhibition, Daniel BlakeDaniel Blake, also known as Africasso, is a visual and performing artist. He works as a sculptor, an oil painter, a theatrical performer and a costume designer. Blake's work has appeared in numerous exhibitions in New York City.



Chess by Marina Kalinovsky

Consisting of pen, ink and black tea drawings on handmade paper, this collection is a result of my fascination with the game of chess and its history. It's also a result of my love of history, arts and literature, and resentment of war. The game of chess is ancient and possesses philosophical, poetic and theatrical qualities. A chess board resembles a stage and chess pieces are symbolic of medieval royal courts and armies. Performances (moves) follow certain rules. Each of my drawings reflects a certain chess rule. Browsing through the volumes of literature about chess, one notices that the rules of the game sound like philosophical wisdoms. Chess, to me, is more than a game.

BPL Exhibition, Marina KalinovskyBorn and educated in St. Petersburg, Russia, Marina Kalinovsky is a full-time artist. She works with oil on canvas, pen and ink on paper, painting on parchment, as well as in costume and stage design. Her work has been featured in solo exhibitions throughout the United States and several pieces from her Chess Is More Than a Game set were recently published in the arts and culture publication Naked Punch.


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