Cavalcade by Justin Waldstein

June 7, 2012 - August 24, 2012
Central Library, Foyer Gallery Cases
Artist books recording the daily cavalcade of strangers and their parts in New York City and beyond.

The displays include a selection of my artist books in which I recorded the cavalcade of strangers and their parts in New York City and beyond. These were rendered almost daily, often on buses and subways. Seen as a whole there is a narrative and episodic quality in the group of open-book spreads. They include random elements of life, devices as extensions of the body, ephemeral glimpses of dream watchers, melting pots, the bleating of cell-phone-fingers and more.

Observing life directly and utilizing found photos, I capture chance moments of empathy, exhilaration and fragility. I am interested in conveying the experience of aspiration and defeat, glory and futility, and sensuality and decay. My artwork was influenced during childhood by the science-fiction and monster publications my father designed, and by the artists, dancers, musicians and performers I grew up with in the city.

BPL exhibitions, Justin Waldstein, headshotJustin Waldstein has worked as a graphic designer, illustrator, photographer and as a teaching artist in New York City. In addition to painting and drawing, he creates projected visuals used in collaboration with live performers. He studied at Parsons and the New School and received his bachelor’s degree in art and culture from Hunter College. Waldstein has had solo and group exhibitions of paintings and drawings in the city and internationally, has shown his books in California and North Carolina, and his live projections throughout New York.

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