Brooklyn Cityscapes and Rooftops

November 29, 2005 - January 29, 2006
Central Library, Lobby Gallery
Brooklyn Cityscapes and Rooftops

By Kellyann Monaghan


I use interior spaces, urban landscapes and the night sky as a journey and stage for the drama of light, air and movement. I attempt to see past the structured architecture into the otherworldly qualities of the city and am intrigued by the way light plays on architecture, energizing and describing form. There is a mystery in the dynamics of light and atmosphere in contrast to the city structures.

There is emptiness and void in the exteriors that inspire my prints; yet these exteriors have a quality of human presence through the mystery, atmosphere and illumination. In recent years I have become obsessed with the rooftops of Brooklyn and Manhattan where the architecture is piled upon each other, particularly the spaces of Dumbo, Williamsburg and Greenpoint. The sky and the spaces between the buildings are as significant as the buildings themselves. The nuances of light and architecture generate constant awe, nostalgia and surprise.

--Kellyann Monaghan

BPL Exhibition, Kellyann MonaghanKellyann Monaghan was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Kellyann lives and works in the Greenpoint area of Brooklyn and teaches full-time at Adelphi University. She studied painting in the MFA program of Brooklyn College. After becoming inspired by the cityscape in Philadelphia's Old City, she has continuously tackled the subjects of urban landscapes and city interiors.

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