Botanical Inspirations by the Quilters' Guild of Brooklyn

February 23, 2012 - April 28, 2012
Central Library, Grand Lobby
Quilts with a botanic theme inspired by poems, the mind's eye, photos, nature's
tenacity and quilters' experiences.

This array of 22 quilts is the result of our Guild’s Summer 2011 Challenge, which was to design a 20” square based on the theme of botany. The challenge process offers quilters the opportunity to go beyond the familiar and comfortable. Here we present the very personal responses to the botany theme in designs that have been inspired by poems, the mind’s eye, photos, nature’s tenacity and quilters’ experiences. Just as varied are the different approaches to quilting—traditional, modern, abstract and realistic. They all draw upon the rich quilting vocabulary—assorted textiles, appliqué, embellishment, embroidery, painting, plus machine and hand-stitching.

All quilts were created in 2011.

Eileen Anderson
Madi Appell
Jean Arena
Robyn Bellamy
Barb Christ
Judith Hoffman Corwin
Joyce Crupi
Ginny Dorris
Margaret Marcy Emerson
Marilynn Gipson
Merrie Handfinger
Lyn Hill
Ruby Horansky
Christine Janove
Dess Kelley
Michele Kucker
Jody Leight
Linda McNeely
Anne Stone Oppenheimer
Valerier Turer
Thomas Urciuoli

BPL - Exhibition: Quilters' Guild of Brooklyn, Botanical Inspirations: Barbara ChristThe Quilters’ Guild of Brooklyn (QGB) was founded in 1993 to encourage, support and promote the art of quilting. The QGB provides a forum for local quilters to exchange information and ideas and to share their enthusiasm for the craft. Our members represent all ages and levels of quilting experience; advanced as well as beginning quilters find camaraderie and inspiration at guild meetings. QGB members put their quilting skills to use to support community efforts to help those in need. Some of the recipients have been the Brooklyn Child Advocacy Center, branches of Brooklyn Public Library, a women's shelter and hundreds of at-risk babies who have received member-made quilts through the ABC Quilts Project.

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Saturday, March 3, 2012 - Quilt Walk
Central Library, Grand Lobby, 1-3 PM

Join us for a Quilt Walk, led by several participating quilters from the exhibition, Botanical Inspirations, by the Quilters' Guild of Brooklyn. The concept of the quilt challenge, a universal process in the current world of quilting, will be explored.  The eclectic nature of these quilts and the various materials and techniques used will also be discussed and questions will be answered.

Susan Sato and Myrah Brown Green will also be available to talk about their exhibition, Crossing Continents: A Journey through Asia and Africa in Quilts, featured in the Second Floor Balcony Cases.

BPL - Exhibition, Quilters' Guild of Brooklyn, Botanical Inspirations: Christine Janove
 ©Christine Janove

BPL - Exhibition, Quilters' Guild of Brooklyn, Botancial Inspirations: Ruby Horansky
©Ruby Horansky

BPL - Exhibition, Quilters' Guild of Brooklyn, Botanical Inspirations: Barbara Christ
©Barbara Christ