The Borrower's Name

November 28, 2006 - February 11, 2007
Central Library, 2nd floor Balcony Cases
The Borrower's Name by John Himmelfarb

This exhibit consists of drawings on library catalog cards, including some from Brooklyn Public Library's old catalog, each measuring three inches by five inches. These drawings are akin to jazz improvisations, combining a stream of consciousness response to the contents of the card, with references to where it was made, or what I have recently seen or read. The process of a drawing, evolving from a book description, serves as a metaphor for the creative process in general and, in particular, how books and the ideas contained in them generate new ideas that are often unpredictable.

BPL Exhibition, John HimmelfarbJohn Himmelfarb is an established artist whose lush, calligraphic drawings and paintings have always been driven by an unceasing devotion to line. Consistently blurring the boundaries between drawing and painting, Himmelfarb revels in line's evocative potential to create a synthesis of graphic sign, text and elusive image that challenges one's ability to interpret visual language. His works appear in numerous public collections and have shown in group and solo exhibitions across the country.