BOOKMARKS by Camille Laoang

February 25, 2014 - March 25, 2014
Kings Bay Library
A series of bookmarks made from Camille Laoang's abstract drawings and collages.

During a visit to the library a few years ago, I wandered into the children’s section where I spotted some strips of light grey paper and a bowl of colorful circular confetti sitting on the librarian’s desk. They were obviously supplies for making bookmarks. Inspired, I took some home and made a few. Then, I kept making them.    

This exhibition includes a few of the earliest bookmarks made using that grey cardstock, but then shows how I was quickly inspired to branch out and explore other possibilities within this specific format, trying other kinds of paper, confetti and then later drawing on them.

These bookmarks are drawings and collages that are abstract in nature, double-sided and laminated for durability. The drawn bookmarks are mostly made on Nepalese Lokta paper with a palette that I select at random from a can of assorted pens and markers. The collages are made with a variety of paper and plastic that is cut, hole punched, arranged and sometimes drawn on. They are inspired by my love for color, pattern, unexpected combinations and my desire to find a use for scraps of paper that would otherwise be discarded.

I also draw inspiration from modern design including graphic and package design, computer graphics and screen savers, Japanese cartoons, the bag check cards at Trash & Vaudeville, patterns in nature, happenstance and my own inner workings.

BPL Exhibition, Camille LaoangCamille Laoang lives in Brooklyn and has a BFA from Maryland Institute, College of Art.  Aside from this series of bookmarks, Camille has worked in oils, watercolor and most recently, with pens and markers. Her subject matter reflects a life-long interest that she has in esotericism and what she calls “the unseen forces that underlie our reality.”  Camille’s artwork has been shown in various Brooklyn venues including the Rotunda Gallery, Z Gallery and the Micro Museum, in addition to the Jadite Gallery in Manhattan. She has also worked as a vintage poster restorer and graphic designer.

Photo © Tazha Chen        


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