The Art of Politics

November 4, 2008 - January 10, 2009
Central Library, Grand Lobby
The Art of Politics

by Randy Jones


This exhibition shows three aspects of my art: current (featuring the long march of the 2008 presidential race), historical and the Inner Circle Annual Roast for Mayor of New York City.

From food fights to lipstick, the first section features highlighted events leading up to the memorable 2008 presidential campaign. It also includes tear-sheets and original artwork from this long two-year race.

The second section features some of our favorite historical figures such as Teddy Roosevelt, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and Bud Abbott and Lou Costello. It includes original art and the tear-sheets from the publications in which they were printed.

Finally, work from the Inner Circle is featured. The Inner Circle has been around since New York City Mayor Hylan (1918-1925) was in office, and it continues to operate today. Its 100 members are reporters who have covered City Hall and who are elected to join by the standing members. I have created art that illustrates the songs about the political year, from mayoral to national politics, written and performed by the members of the Inner Circle. My first year doing so was the last year of Mayor Dinkins's time in office in 1993.

BPL Exhibition, Randy Jones and Susann Ferris Jones


Randy Jones & Susann Ferris Jones.



Randy Jones has been an illustrator for widely-read publications such as The Wall Street Journal, The Wall Street Journal Europe, Barron's, The New York Times, Newsday, Newsweek and Time. His illustrations have been in books published by Random House, Houghton Mifflin, Cambridge University Press and Oxford University Press. He has shown his sculpture and drawings in various exhibitions and has been a guest speaker at events for the Society of Illustrators, School of Visual Arts and Parsons.

His wife, Susann Ferris Jones, works with Randy on some projects, adding digital color and painting. She also has illustrated several books, including A Dog's Night Before Christmas, French Cats Don't Get Fat and The Kitty Kama Sutra.