Brooklyn in the Civil War
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illustration of The Bugle Call
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"The Bugle Call"

During the first few months of the war, both the North and South were gripped by "war excitement." Both sides expected the war to be over quickly. Each side was dedicated to its cause - the North to preserving the Union, the South to preserving its way of life. The illustration of a soldier on a horse, rallying the troops with a bugle call, exemplifies this attitude. The cavalry played an important role in the war, especially for the Confederacy. For the first half of the war, the Confederate cavalry outperformed the Union army.

In Brooklyn, volunteers eagerly signed up for the 13th Regiment, the 14th Regiment, the 28th Regiment, and the 70th Regiment, each with a capacity of 700 men.

For more about "war excitement," read the following articles from the Brooklyn Daily Eagle:

"The War Excitement: The Feeling In The City" (April 19, 1861)

"The War Excitement" (May 9, 1861)

"The War Excitement: Aid wanted for the Thirteenth Regiment" (May 11, 1861)

"The War Excitement: The Fourteenth Regiment Accepted for the War" (May 17, 1861)

"War Intelligence: The Brooklyn Regiments" (June 24, 1861)

"War Intelligence" (July 29, 1861)

For more about Brooklyn's 13th and 14th Regiments, see the following pages at the New York State Military Museum and Veterans Research Center.

87th Infantry Regiment (Veteran), Civil War: Thirteenth Militia; Brooklyn Rifles; Washington Zouaves; Washington Rifles; Connaught Rangers

84th Infantry Regiment, Civil War: Fourteenth Militia; Brooklyn Phalanx; Brooklyn Chasseurs; Chasseurs a Pied

For more about this topic, see Document 69.

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