Recording Studio Tutorials

The Info Commons recording studio offers equipment and software for creating and editing audio and video projects.  Info Commons staff cannot provide one-on-one assistance on demand in the recording studio, so we have compiled this list of tutorials and guides to help get you started.


Please bring your own large-capacity (16 GB or more) drive to save your work to, as all the files you create using the recording studio iMac will be erased after logging out of your session. Please note that by default many drives are formatted for the Windows operating system. You may need to reformat your drive for Mac OS X in order to use it to store and work on multimedia projects. To do so, follow the instructions found here.

Warning: Reformatting a hard drive will completely erase all files. To begin, ensure that all wanted files are backed up or stored someplace else, such as on a personal computer, in an email account, or on a cloud drive. The library is not responsible for any files lost during the reformatting process.


Canon EOS Rebel T4i camera:
Introduction to Digital Photography from BRIC (PDF)

Green Screen with iMovie 11:

Green Screen with Final Cut Pro:


The PSU Media Commons site is a great place to start for tech tutorials. You can search for tutorials by software, by equipment (e.g. microphone, camera) you want to use, or by platform (e.g. Mac, Windows, mobile).

Pro Tools Express:

 GarageBand 11:

  • GarageBand Tutorials from PSU Media Commons
  • To clean up audio a bit in GarageBand, try the following steps in the Edit menu effects:
    • Increase Noise Gate to cut out low-level noises. If you increase it too much, it can potentially cut out softer vocals.
    • Speech Enhancer can also help reduce noise. Set it to Manual and then you can slide the Reduce Noise button between Quiet Noise and Loud Noise.
    • Visual EQ set to Vocals Soft Background helps cut out and soften background noises.

Final Cut Pro X: