Frequently Asked Questions

What is Brooklyn Connections?

Brooklyn Connections is a program for 4th - 12th grade classes that gives students the opportunity to access original historical documents from the Brooklyn Collection in order to complete a research project.

Why participate in Brooklyn Connections?

Brooklyn Connections is designed to make the research process accessible and relevant to students as they develop critical skills. Our staff is committed to creating an exciting learning experience while providing support to both students and teachers.

What kinds of support do teachers receive?

Each partner class receives:

  • Unlimited one-on-one planning sessions between Connections staff and the teacher
  • A unique research project outline designed by our staff and based on the topics and skills identified by the teacher
  • Customized project guides, lesson plans, worksheets, document reproductions and other materials - specifically created for your class's project
  • Tours of the Brooklyn Collection and in-class lessons on research taught by Connections staff
  • A collection of Brooklyn history books and document reproductions permanently donated to your school
  • Optional professional development workshops for teachers
  • An invitation to participate in end-of-year convocation

What kinds of support do students receive?

Each student receives:

  • A hands-on tour of the collection
  • Follow-up workshops in the classroom
  • Optional after-school project assistance at the Brooklyn Collection
  • A copy of the Brooklyn Collection's Young Learners Guide
  • Access to the digital resources on the Brooklyn Connections and Brooklyn Collection websites
  • An opportunity to be recognized during our end-of-year convocation

Is Brooklyn Connections Standards-based?

Yes! Brooklyn Connections emphasizes research, primary and secondary source analysis, reasoning, and writing. Our program complements the NYS Standards for Social Studies and ELA, as well as the NYS Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts and Literacy in History/Social Studies. Our staff is experienced in project- and inquiry-based instruction and will work with you to create a stimulating and positive research experience for your students.

Is my school eligible?

We partner with all public elementary, middle and high schools in Brooklyn.

Is my class eligible?

We partner with either Social Studies or ELA classes in grades 4 through 12.

How much does it cost?

Brooklyn Connections is FREE to all public schools in Brooklyn!

When can my class start working with Brooklyn Connections?

While most partnerships begin in the fall, we accept applications year-round. All partners are invited to our convocation, and student work is displayed each summer in an exhibit at Central Library, regardless of your start date.

How do I sign up?

Apply online

Download a PDF application

How can I get more information about Brooklyn Connections?

Contact our office at 718-230-2706 or We also encourage you to explore this site to view downloadable resources, sample lessons and outstanding projects by past participants.