Bike the Branches

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Many BPL branches have designed special displays to promote Bike the Branches and the event tours.
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The 2016 Top Ten Finalists!

Bedford: Explore the concrete jungle with Dora and Friends!

For this 10-foot, jungle-inspired Brooklyn Bridge display, Bedford Library recycled materials found in the library such as cardboard boxes, packing paper, yarn and paper towel rolls. Under the bridge, you'll find a collection of books and DVDs about Brooklyn, New York City, cycling and everyone's favorite explorer, Dora. Don't forget to cruise by Bedford Library on May 7th for more fun during Bike the Branches! (Dora was generously donated by Nickelodeon.)

Borough Park
Borough Park: Dora Explores the World of Cooking

Since Borough Park is part of Bike the Branches' multicultural route, we created a cookbook display to highlight the ethnic cuisine of the neighborhood. The sign reads, "Dora Explores the World of Cooking – Bike the Branches Multicultural Tour."

Clarendon: Dora Bikes BKLYN

Clarendon's display features a neon light-up map of bike routes around Brooklyn, starting at Clarendon and ending at Central Library. There's also a legend showing the different libraries and landmarks along each route. We made a detailed model of Clarendon Library, complete with a 3-D printed bike out front, which was designed and printed by Clarendon staff. Last but not least, we made a flashing neon sign that says “Bike Bklyn” (we wanted to submit a video for full effect, but that would've been cheating) surround by lots of Dora and biking books.

Clinton Hill
Clinton Hill: Dora and Friends: Into Brooklyn!

Clinton Hill's display features a map of Brooklyn with prominent local landmarks standing out in 3-D. Each of Dora's friends has a different interest, so where should they bike to? Pablo, who likes to explore, might go to Prospect Park, while Kate, who likes to perform, could bike to Kings Theatre. Dora is interested in everything, so she should bike to…the library, of course! Our eye-catching display celebrates Brooklyn's culture and history, ties in to the Dora theme with colorful connectors and is surrounded by a variety of books about Brooklyn and cycling.

Coney Island
Coney Island: Dora and Friends Explore the Road to Reading

Join Dora and her friends in exploring the literary ins-and-outs of this fanciful book display. From the front door of the recreation of Coney Island Library to the stoops and popsicle-stick terraces of miniature Coney Island residents, patrons can choose from a number of enticing books about urban history, bicycling and health and fitness. At the end of our display's road, patrons will find an oversized book-in-the-sky declaiming the one command common to all libraries around the world: READ!

East Flatbush
East Flatbush: Dora and Friends of East Flatbush

For East Flatbush's display, we wanted to represent our branch teens as Dora's crew of friends. We painted nearly life-sized portraits of four of our teen patrons on foam core. We used Dora's colors (plus BPL blue!) to match their outfits with Dora's. On May 7th, the figures will be set up along the outside wall of the library to greet bikers as they ride by. Before then, Dora's friends will be inside the branch holding signs with information about Bike the Branches.

Kensington: Bike the Branches with Dora and Friends

Dora and her friends explore Brooklyn as they bike Brooklyn Public Library's branches. Once they disembark the F train with their bikes and helmets at the ready, they catch a glimpse of the New York City skyline. Looking up, they see a Bike the Branches blimp.

Mill Basin
Mill Basin: Dora and Friends: Into the City – Urban Jungle!

Mill Basin's display is made entirely out of recycled, uncycled and recyclable materials including boxes, toilet paper rolls, water bottles, wire and paper. The city is covered in jungle vines, flowers and animals that surround the bike lane. Books on display feature topics including jungle animals, city animals, bicycling, Brooklyn and of course, Dora.

Paerdegat: A Grand Day out with the Paerdegat Staff

Come cheer for Team Paerdegat! You don't need to know how to pronounce our branch name to be delighted by our staff racing to the finish line. Our display includes a mini-Brooklyn that we're biking around in order to be healthy, have fun and get to the finish line to high-five Dora.

Rugby: Explore the World of Reading with Rugby Library and Dora

Dora leads the Rugby staff on a bike ride to support disadvantaged communities. With their red noses, smiley faces and fast bikes, the group is traveling to different Brooklyn Public Library branches. You'll notice our Book Tree, which is meant to symbolize the growth of knowledge through reading. Come explore with us!