VICTOR Profile: Victor

Victors: Conquerors of the Bulls and Bears

by Edwin | April 29th, 2013

Victor is student at Stuyvesant High School and had an overall investment return of 9.3% in the Victor's Virtual Investing Challenge..


When did you become interested in investing?

Recently, last year, when I realized I’m an avaricious person and I wanted to earn more money.

Describe your personal investing philosophy.

I choose companies with products that I am familiar with, and that I believe have potential for growth. After that, I wait for my investment to grow.

How do you know if a stock is for you?

I pay attention to the company’s financial charts and wait for my opportunity to get in at a low.

How do you know when to sell?

When the stock price drops, I always sell before I lose my initial investment.

How do you feel this class has helped you?

This class taught me more about how to invest and that you have to spend a lot of time constantly checking your investments.