VICTOR Profile: Eiryn

Victors: Conquerors of the Bulls and Bears

by Edwin | January 15th, 2013

Eiryn is a freshman at Megar Evers College and is  currently in the lead in the Victor's Virtual Investing Challenge.




 When did you become interested in investing?

I was always aware of the consumer market around me. I knew what was trending, what product was doing poorly, and what was always in limited supply. This mostly came from having a materialistic nature and enjoying the finer things in life. So when I realized I could implement my knowledge into making money, I jumped at the opportunity to get a head start into something I know I will be doing in the future – investing.

 What is your personal investing strategy?

My personal investing strategy is based off my knowledge of the consumer market. Also some of my strategies come from movies like Limitless and Wall Street and books like “The Wolf of Wall Street” by Jordan Belfort. I also try to keep to what I know and feel comfortable with.

 How do you know if a stock is for you?

If I feel I have enough information to feel comfortable with investing in that stock and am sure that it will ensure a large return on my investment, I will invest in it.

 How do you know when to sell?

I believe stock prices fluctuate off of supply and demand. I research all my stocks quite often, and when a new product comes out and does really bad or I know that it will do bad I go into selling it before the stock drops. I also tend to sell a stock when it has been high for really long.

 How do you feel this investing class has helped you?

I feel this class has helped me because it gives me a taste of what I will do.