A Celebration of Creativity

by Judy K | July 17th, 2014 | add a comment

Brooklyn Public Library Dweck Center Hannah Reimann Services for Older Adults New York Memory Center Alzheimer's Poetry Project Gary Glazner A Celebration of CreativityOn Saturday morning, June 28, Gary Glazner of the Alzheimer's Poetry Project and singer Hannah Reimann, entertained and moved an audience of about 70 people. This program was jointly sponsored by the New York Memory Center and Brooklyn Public Library's Services for Older Adults Department.

Gary and Hannah were joined by two talented musicians and an enthusiastic bunch of older adults who participated in Gary's inaugural Poetry For Life training. This event demonstrated the power of poetry and music to engage people experiencing different kinds of memory loss.

Members of the audience, many of whom were from the New York Memory Center, added their own distinctive voices and dance moves.


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