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Drawing Party Time!

by Nicole S. | June 17th, 2014

A picture of an adult drawing superheroes with a child

Last week marked the end of our first block of Read! Write! Create! workshops and we celebrated with a series of drawing parties at the library!

There was food, music, and a ton of drawing fun.

Bird's eye view of a large piece of paper covered with colorful doodles

We did some fun activities, like an exquisite corpse monster jam, silhouette tracing, and (my personal favorite) a collaborative doodle-walk piece!


A picture of an adult led by a line of kids with markers in hand standing around a table covered with blank white paper
First, we all chose one marker each and lined up single file around our canvas.

A picture of kids standing around a table covered in white paper with a few lines drawn on
Next, it was time to move! We walked around and and around the table, drawing as we went.

A picture of kids alldrawing on the same large piece of paper
Our masterpiece started to come together!

A picture of the final product of the kids' collaborative drawing/walking activity
Here is our finished product!


Parents were invited to flex their drawing muscles too.

A picture of kids and adults sitting around a table and drawing together

A drawing of three women with varying hairstyles done all in green with a black background, drawn by a parent of a RWC participant

Next month, we’ll kick off our summer sessions, and we have a few exciting changes in store for the program. Until then, stay tuned for some profiles of our favorite publishers of graphic novels for kids.

a drawing done by a kid of a smily face accompanied by the words "I love it here" along side a drawing done by an adult accompanied by ther words "I'm happy you love it here!"


This project was made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services
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