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To ask a brief, ready-reference type question choose from the following:

For in-depth research try our articles & databases, our catalog, or visit any branch.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What type of question is this service designed to answer?

This service is designed to answer brief questions with factual answers. In-depth reference and research questions will often be addressed with referrals to resources deemed likely to help.

What if my question requires in-depth reference or research?

Consider using our Explore a Topic guides, articles & databases, or catalog. These resources can make researching faster and easier. A BPL library card is required to use most, but not all, databases. In many cases, visiting a branch library, our Business Library, or our Central Library at Grand Army Plaza might be the best way to proceed. For locations and hours use our branch locator.

How long does it take for your service to answer a question?

That depends on the difficulty of the question. We attempt to answer questions in a timely manner. More difficult questions often take more time.

What if I need information very quickly?

Contact Telephone Reference at 718-230-2100.

Who is answering my question?

Your question is being answered by an experienced professional librarian working with numerous ready-reference tools, Internet resources, and databases.