Frequently Asked Questions about the new BKLYN Blue Library Card

What is different about the new library card?
The new card offers the same basic functionality, but comes with a fob for your keychain so you always have your card handy.

Can I still use my old library card?
Yes, your existing library card may be used until it expires.

If I have a green library card, do I need to replace my card now?
No. You will need to upgrade your card once it expires in our system. But you may trade your old card in for a new one at any time.

My card is not yet expired yet but I would like a new card. Can I trade mine in?

What will I need to replace my library card?
If you would like to replace/exchange your library card, a current NYS Driver’s License, NYS Driver's Permit, Non-Driver's ID, IDNYC Municipal Card or photo ID and piece of mail with current address is needed to start the process.

If I have a MyLibraryNYC library card and would like to switch it for the new BKLYN blue card, can I do it?
Yes, but please remember that if you are using the same library card at NYPL or QPL, you will need to inform them and provide them with the new barcode.

Is there a fee to get the new library card?
No, when you swap out your green/white library card for the new BKLYN blue card, it will be free for the first time. If you lose or misplaced the card and would like a replacement, there will be a charge of $2.00 for young adults/adults and $1.00 for children/senior citizens. 

If I lose my keychain card/physical card, do I need to replace the entire thing?
Yes, both cards for your keychain and wallet have the same barcode and capabilities. They come as one set.

What happens to my physical holds if I switch my card?
Holds on physical library material will automatically carry over.

What happens to my e-book holds if I switch my card?
There may be a possibility that your e-book holds may not transfer over. If you find that your e-book holds are not on your new account, please let us know so that we may assist you.

Are my fines forgiven if I switch cards?
No, your fines will carry over to your new card.

Will I lose my prepaid balance for copying?
No, any positive account balance on your existing card will automatically carry over to your new card.

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